Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Caramel Crush Sundae

Ok so I'm on some sort of a caramel crush,, I just love it!!! Soooo I decided to make my own since I really don't care for the thick and chewy premade and melt kind aka store bought. I burnt the first batch and started over (determined#ocd to get it right) The second time I had the most beautiful, creamy sweet and salty caramel to die for aka GOLD. Once I nailed the caramel sauce...what to do with it? Guess I had to make a cupcake and why not! So I found this awesome recipe for caramel frosting also and this cupcake came together beautifully! I thought of the many trips to Braum's and the Caramel Sundae that I just love and there you have it...My Caramel Sundae with my fave vanilla cupcake, caramel frosting, whip cream, dark creamy ganache, nuts and a cherry on top! Just the way I like it!!  Click here for the caramel sauce recipe and caramel frosting.

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