Monday, October 22, 2012

The Queen Of POP!

The Queen Of Pop!

I made these for a sweet girls Birthday and I made them just like her Sparkly!! I named these The Taryn Pop! "It's Like A Party In Your Mouth!"

The Queen Of Pop!

I have Gone Cake Pop Crazy! There is glitter everywhere, just the way I like it! I had glitter on the floor, in my hair, all over my clothes oh and loved it on my lips and mouth!! YUMMY! I had alot of fun making these!

Monday, October 8, 2012

All For You!

This album is absolutely amazing and I am so proud of my Church Lawton First Assembly! I listen to this album everyday! It lifts my spirits and reminds me to stay on my path with God. The song "All For You" by Kayla Meckes is definitely my fave. It brings me so much joy and inspiration to be faithful to God in everything I do! You can listen here!

 "Its all for you oh God, I will give my life to show the world the wonders of your love. Show me how to love like you love me!"

Lizetti Confetti!

I love my daughters more than all of the glitter and sugars in the world! The other night Liz & I had the ultimate dance party! Well, she danced and I guess you could say I "danced" too or at least I thought so!!!!! It didn't really matter if I looked hideous we still had a ball because Liz is the ultimate party package! Moments like this are ones I wish could last forever!  She and I are so blessed  for the path God is leading us on and we know God is in control! I Thank you God for my Liz, my miracle...

The Lizzy Pop!

The Ultimate Party in a Pop!

Lizzy Pops!

The Lizzy Pop is a fun Birthday Party in one Pop!

Leopard Cupcake

I should call this pretty OhEmGee, because that's whatever everyone said when they saw her! Yes I ate 2 purses and they were so rich! Sugars!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Haute P!NK

Have I told you lately that I love you? Pretty sure I did! I am amazed how my buttercream can create such extreme colors! I'm loving it and just had to share! I can even make black, now if anyone is a baker, or a cake artist  knows this isn't easy! But yay I did it!! I have been asked for a tutorial, but with all of the powdered sugar & glitter flying around I'm not sure when I will have the time! For starters you will need:The Ultimate Cake Dedication, Glitter and of course P!NK'S new album "The Truth About Love" playing! Anywho until next time Sugars!

The Stasia Bow!

 One thing is a fact that I come from parents who are true artists! My father can throw down on painting cars whereas my mother can sew anything and everything from dresses to bows to perfection! I hope I make them proud in everything I do! Also, thank you Mom & Aunt Josie for showing me how to make bows, the only difference is I can eat my bows! Thank you, Sugars and God Bless! My Bow Tutorial is coming soon!

Monday, October 1, 2012


BUTTERCREAM has my heart at the moment! I am in love and the possibilities are endless! I have found an amazing recipe and learned the hard way how to achieve my super smoothness! Hope you enjoy...more to come! Sugars and thanks for peekin!