Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fondant 101


Now let's get back to the basics shall we?!! Three years ago I used to make my own fondant and now I just buy it online! But, lets say you live in a small town in Oklahoma where you cannot buy fondant anywhere and you needed it like tomorrow!! Well... my sister made a tutorial for my other sister that still lives here so she can make it too! This is the best and easiest tutorial on how to make Fondant! Soon you will be making your very own cakes instead of paying for overpriced cakes! Check it out here!

My Cream Dream Came True!

So we meet again! I worked near the best Bakery in Long Beach California where I would buy these along with many other pastries. They are my favorite and I had been thinking about them for a while, so I decided to bake some up myself! I am super happy I did because they taste exactly or if not better than the originals! It was a very special moment when my mother inlaw bit into one because she started crying! I was like "A are you ok?!" She said mija these are just like I remember and you brought back memories! So be ready to cry when you eat one of these! My Cream Dream came true!! Such a little blessing!

Cream Dream Puffs

Monday, January 14, 2013

Decadent Chocolate Fudge

I made this special cake for my Peanut Butter's birthday! I am so glad I snagged a pic of it before it was devoured!  I love you chocolate!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sprinkled Blessings!

What can I say sprinkles and glitter have taken over many of my latest sugar happy and extremely blessed to continue the talent God has entrusted me with!

Butterfinger Pie!

I am so glad I made this pie before the New Year because I almost ate the whole enchilada!! It's like Butterfinger Ice Cream but without the melting part and soooo much better! Who would have thought my favorite candy bar in a creamy dreamy pie would make me cry?! No really! You see Mr. Butterfinger Pie, I am really loving my abs, no love handles and no more muffin cups that I have worked so hard I don't think we can can see each other anymore! But, we can still be friends! Until we meet again ~Stasia


The award for the Best Cupcake of 2012 goes to this one right here! It is a Snickerdoodle Cinnamon Cupcake with bomb frosting it taste just like creamy delicious milk! People were hoarding these and willing to throw down for the last one!! LOL! A great cupcake for a wonderful and blessed year! Sugars and God Bless to all!